Interview: Abbas Kiarostami, “Like Someone in Love”

Film School with David Fincher: on Filmmaking, Responsible Storytelling, & Theory



Of our contemporary film directors, David Fincher fascinates audiences through his ambition to push the language of cinema while sculpting cinematic stories that engage viewers through the emotional and the psychological. Whether it’s Seven or The Social Network, Fight Club or The Girl…

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The opening shots of Yasujiro Ozu’s A Hen in the Wind (1948)

2014南方影展 最終入圍名單揭曉

Feels like I have to go to Taiwan now!!!!!!!!!!!

"The film language is the most elaborate, the most secret and the most invisible. A good script is a script that you don’t notice. It has vanished. It’s extremely interesting to write knowing that when you shoot it, what has written will go directly to the garbage. The script is the transmission between the ideas and the film, it’s the first form of the film, it’s not something final. Being a screenwriter is not the last step of a literary adventure but the first step of a film adventure."

Jean-Claude Carriere (via heidisaman)